Easy calorie control doesn't mean avoiding delicious foods like these.
Tim Goodman Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

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Be leaner and stronger while enjoying your favourite foods.

Online Nutrition Coaching

Improve your relationship with food

Nutrition really isn’t complicated but figuring out what works for you is often the most difficult bit. That’s where I come in.

At Food Flexibility my focus is on taking away the guesswork around what food to eat so you can develop a better relationship with food. You’ll learn how to create sustainable habits with food and feel empowered to eat food with a bit more flexibility.

Nutrition Coaching Services

At Food Flexibility, I don’t offer bog standard meal plans that make you feel restricted and guilty if life happens. My nutrition coaching gives you the information and support you need to build better food habits. And, you’ll get to keep all your favourite foods in (yes, all of them!)

Tim Goodman stood by a rogue weight plate.

Tim PT

Personal and Small Group Training

Strength helps every goal. It keeps you lean, builds muscle and makes you more athletic.

Find out more about personal training and small group training at my private studio gym at Valkyrie HQ near Godalming.

What my clients say

Why Work With Me?

I’m Tim and I created FoodFlexibility because I wanted to help people feel less restricted by food while meeting their goals.

When you work with me, you’re not going to get an AI generated response that gives you no real answer. Instead, I build out a program that adapts to what you like, what you currently eat and teaches you which foods your body needs to meet the goals you have.

It’s not just about weight loss either, if you want to perform better, hit new PBs or simply gain an easy way to eat for energy, I can help you.

And, with my Active IQ Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching from BTN Academy you can rest assured knowing that I’m properly accredited to help.

Tim Goodman performing a deadlift at the Hampshire's U90kg novice strongman competition

Free nutrition and fitness resources

Be leaner, stronger and healthier with my free guides.

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Listen to the podcast

I started the Why Carbs Won’t Make you Fat podcast to debunk sh*t nutrition advice and present stuff in a way that you’ll say ‘oh I get that’

Hosted by me, Josh and Nick, three BTN Academy graduates with an active IQ Level4 qualification in nutrition coaching.

We’re evidenced based coaches which means we’ll give you nutrition advice that is factual and actually works without overcomplicating things.

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