Raise Your Energy Podcast

Linda Lange with guest appearance by Tim Goodman

Why is it so difficult for people to make changes to their eating habits if all the information is out there on the internet?

I get to answer that question over on Linda Lange’s Raise Your Energy Podcast!

We talk about:

  • My passion for FoodFlexibility. 
  • Setting up your nutrition in a way that lets you eat what you want AND get the important nutrients your body needs
  • We discuss water intake, how it can quickly improve your performance and kick start a positive spiral without a completely carving up your lifestyle
  • I also get to geek out a bit on exercise and movement and how it such a huge investment into being ABLE to ENJOY an active retirement rather than being a passenger

We also get a bit personal, talking about my own journey with fitness and nutrition when I explain how I finally unlocked my own goals after a decade of trying!

If you fancy listening to something a bit different on your next lunchtime walk, then tune in!

You’ll get a few of my top tips around simple changes you can make immediately to improve your energy and kick off the positive spiral of more energy helping you look, feel, and perform better. 

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