Is white or brown bread better for you?


This is a question I get asked a lot!


We all like simple rules and that is perpetuated by the less scrupulous nutrition folks on the internet who like to sell you plans that tell you the key to fat loss or gains is to only eat particular ‘healthy’ foods whilst avoiding others at all costs.


The truth is, there is a middle ground.


If you tend to prefer white bread, then that’s OK. The reality is that flour in the UK is fortified so whilst white bread may have less fibre the other differences in nutrition aren’t huge.


Precision Nutrition summarise this nicely:

  • If you want to lose fat, consume whole grains most of the time. They’ll help you feel full longer.

  • If you’re trying to pack on muscle, allow for some refined grains, especially if you’re struggling to eat enough.

  • If you’re recovering from a stomach bug, use refined white rice or toast to settle your stomach.

  • If you have GI issues, such as IBS, choose mostly whole grains but use lower-fiber refined grains to soothe flare-ups.

  • If your diet is mostly (80-90 percent) whole food, there’s probably room for refined grains if you enjoy them.

I really like this message because it helps us to remember that every single food has a place in a healthy diet, and you can still make progress eating foods that other ‘diets’ ban!


Thanks for reading.



Here’s me tucking into a chicken baguette in Padstow earlier this year…

White Bread or Brown Bread?

White bread rules ;)